Emergency Tips For Fire And Smoke Damage

Emergency Tips For Fire and Smoke Damage

Smoke and fire damage restoration

  • What to do if you have had a fire
  • Cleaning tips after a fire or smoke damage
  • Types of fires

 Fire Damage CleanUp

You can start preparing for the clean-up of fire damage caused to your home or business by fire even before the police and fire brigade have left.

  • Contact Amtec Disaster Recovery immediately on 03 9839 1666. We will send out a crew to board-up any external damage the fire may have caused and assess what other emergency clean-up services need to be called in, such as plumbing, electricity, drying devices, etc.
  • We will set up our air scrubbers and ozone machines to help eliminate the smoke smell. Amtec has emergency services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Call your insurance agent or company immediately to determine the extent of your coverage

What to do before Emergency services Arrive

Here are a few important things to consider before the Amtec emergency crew arrives.

  • Do not go back into your home or business if the fire is still burning. You must wait until fire-fighting officials have verified that the fire is completely out and that it is safe to enter the building.
  • Soot and burned surfaces are carcinogenic. Be sure to always wear rubber gloves and respirators if you wish to remove fire or smoke-damaged items from your home or business before our emergency crew arrives.
  • If the fire caused a loss of electrical power for an extended period, empty your refrigerator and freezer and keep the doors open. For a fire with heavy smoke, all items will need to be thrown away. Make a list of each item, including brand name, size, and quantity. Take photos, too.
  • Do not attempt to clean walls or ceilings with plain water. We use a special chemical that helps clean and remove the smoke from the surface. Close doors to rooms that have not been affected by the fire or smoke to help prevent the smoke smell from entering other rooms.
  • Do not turn on any electronic equipment until it has been cleaned by a professional restoration service. The fire or smoke may have caused internal damage that cannot be seen externally.
  • If you had pets in your home during the fire, make sure they are now in a clean environment. Contact your veterinarian for further advice; they may recommend a visit to check your animal for lung, burn or other injuries.

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