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Water Damage Urgent!

If you have a serious water damage you need urgent drying of your building and floors.  Contact us to get our Water Recovery Team mobilised now so we can start drying and help you recover quickly.

Water Damage and Flood Response

Approaching the drying of a property with the right equipment and techniques is important to getting your property dry.  Immediate and fast response is critical to getting things back to the way they were.  Amtec have responded to over 10,000 water events at varying property types in our history.  The one thing we have learnt is time and properly executed drying techniques matter and can save a lot of money down the road.  All of our qualified and trained teams are fully equipped to respond now to any style of water event you have experienced.  Contact us to discover how we can manage the entire process from your smallest of contents to your floors walls and ceilings.


Step 1

Stop the source of water or turn off your water main

Step 2

Amtec Water Damage Team Mobilised to your site

Step 3

Prop all unaffected furniture on foam blocks to avoid any further damage.

Step 4

We make your property safe and assess all damage

Step 5

Remove all standing water and extract as much water from floor coverings as possible.

Step 6

Assess status of floor coverings and determine if they can be saved economically.

Step 7

Remove all contents in discussion with the property owner that cannot be saved economically.

  • Contents than can be saved can go to our facility for restoration works.

Step 8

Install appropriate drying equipment.

Step 13

Complete moisture checking over the coming days to ascertain the progress of drying.

Step 14

Once drying is complete and moisture readings are low remove all drying equipment.


Step 15

Re-instate carpet or lay new carpets.  Hand back restored property to the owner

Drying it properly

Understanding how to dry a property that has varying materials and different drying rates is a skill that requires certified training and years of experience.  Unexperienced and unqualified people carrying the right equipment can cost you money now and in the future.  At Amtec we have a team with experience in just about any drying situation.  We focus on a quality outcome that gets the occupant back to normal as quickly as they can.  Drying can mean loud equipment and fans in your property running for a few days, but following the directions of highly skilled staff can save you time effort and money.  The first few days after a water event are crucial, call us now and we can mobilise our water recovery teams to your property to start drying and get you back to business as usual.


How long have you been drying properties after a water damage?

We have been drying properties after water damage for over 20 years and in that time we have constantly developed our methods and techniques so that we can respond quickly and get you back into your property in no time and with little cost.


Are you trained to do this?

All our Water Recovery Teams are IICRC certified and also undergo a 6 month intensive training and development program.  At all times our teams are backed by some of the industries leading people so that we get all of our staff using our knowledge to get the job done quickly and properly the first time.


Do you know what equipment to use where?

We absolutely Do! This is crucial and in many cases we find some companies have gone in before us and focussed on doing the job as cheaply as they can to only end up leaving the place damp.  Damp buildings can breed mould, do it right the first time!




  • Loose Water Retrieval
  • Structural Drying
  • Wood Floor Drying
  • Commercial Response and Drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Make Safe Response
  • Sub-Floor Drying
  • Floor Covering Treatment
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • High Pressure Water Cleaning


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Award Winner – 2017 Most Innovative Mould Project

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