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Mould Damage & Mould Removal

Consumers and building owners Australia wide are becoming more aware of the impact that their environment is having on them.  Mould  and mould removal is one of the most mis-understood issue in modern buildings and more and more research is showing how it may impact those who live or work around it.  Mould and the airborne spores can impact people who have airway conditions.  Most regular mould found in bathrooms can be easily treated.  The kind of issues Amtec deal with tends to be areas of a home or building heavily effected with Mould. If you are unsure and just want an opinion then contact us and we can help.


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Proven Expertise - Mould Removal

Award Winning Difference - Most Innovative Mould Project of 2017

Amtec are award winning experts who specialise in mould removal from buildings and contents that are heavily effected by all strains including black mould.  Our approach to working within properties heavily infested with mould is safety and using mould removal methods that are proven effective and backed by peer reviewed research.  Our fully trained, qualified and certified Mould Technicians are extremely well educated in the remediation and treatment of mould damaged property and contents including the removal of black mould. We do not take short cuts and focus on getting your property clean and safe for occupation.

Black Mould

Staachybotyrs chartarum or black mould (toxic black mould) as it is more commonly known can release spores as it feeds on organic materials that have been exposed to moisture, like plasterboard, insulation and carpet to name a few.  Prolonged exposure to this type of mould can have severe health effects.  If your property has an infestation of black mould then contact us immediately and we can work with you to get a fast resolution.  We have over 20 years experience in working with black mould and understand all the important precaution required before, during and after the mould removal process.

Mould Removal Process

Step 1


Called Insured 8


Step 2

Arrived On Site 10:30am

Step 3

Perform any air and surface sampling to clearly pinpoint areas affected.


Step 4

Write a scope of works covering the process for mould removal and obtain your approval.

Step 5

Commence works

  • Remove any affected contents and assess those that can be economically saved
  • Seal off sections of the property that are unaffected to avoid cross contamination
  • Clean all surfaces of mould that do not require any source removal
  • Remove or remediate surfaces that are heavily mould affected

Step 6

Get independent testing from a recognised Occupational Biologist to clear the property as safe.

Step 7

Complete Re-Instatement works and return all restored contents


Step 8

Final Inspection and sign-off.  Site cleared of Mould


How long have you been working in Mould removal?

Amtec Disaster Recovery were one of the first companies in Australia to start mould removal and have always worked with trained and independent Microbiologists to continually improve the way we work.

What industry certified training do you have?

We are IICRC Certified organisation that is constantly looking at new ways to grow our understanding of mould and techniques to improve mould removal.  In addition we travel overseas to uncover new research and techniques focussed at better results at a lower cost.

Do you use an 100% Independent Testing Laboratory to verify their works?

We only work with Independent companies to do our testing.  After all they are assessing the success of our works.  A company should never send their samples to an associated business for testing as this puts them in a compromised position. You can also nominated your own testing laboratory if you prefer.

How many projects have you completed?

Over our long history we have worked on 1000’s of large and small mould removal projects in all sorts of buildings and locations and understand what it takes to get your place cleared of mould.

Do you remove the mould or cover it up or try and bleach it?

There is a growing group of people offering mould removal services who focus on using anti-microbials only to treat heavily infested buildings.  This is dangerous and is not backed by any proven science.  Parts of this group proclaim this to be a cost saviour for the property owner.  While this solution can be suitable for small mould issues it is not a proper or proven method for large outbreaks of mould in many rooms and also attached to the structure.  Please get several opinions as your initial treatment approach if not chosen correctly can result in a larger problem down the road.  We have seen building incorrectly treated in this fashion come back and have massive problems later down the track. Contact us if you would like a second opinion


  • Soda Blasting
  • Containment Installation
  • Source Removal
  • Anti Microbial Treatment
  • Thermal Imaging
  • International Accredited Treatment and Removal Standard Compliant
  • IICRC Trained and Certified
  • IICRC S520 Standard Certified


There are many facets of mould damage and mould removal. Contact one of our qualified experts today to ensure you get the best advise on how your mould removal should be handled.



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