Better service and quality can only come from constantly improving the way we approach our work.  Passion is important and it drives us to want to do better, but this must be regularly punctuated with formalised external training.  So this week was time for us to keep updated.

In the Restoration Industry we are blessed with industry veterans who share their knowledge and develop courses that really focus on quality training for the next generation. At Amtec we have always focussed on making sure that our team are well inducted into our business and understand the way we do things, but making sure the team get formalised training is vital.


ACAC (American Council of Accredited Certification) - Certified Microbial Investigator 


In Melbourne some of the team attended training for Prep courses for the Certified Microbial Investigators put on by Mouldlab, Eronmor and  Indoor Sciences.  While many in our team already have the qualifications and a load of experience in mould remediation this gave them a chance to work towards a certification from ACAC (American Council of Accredited Certification).

Increasing the knowledge we have as a business for all of our staff is crucial to doing better work in this area. We can always learn more and apply a better outcome on cost, quality and service. We look at all training as an investment and not a cost.  Our team and their development is important not just for the business but also for their own development.


ASD (Applied Structural Drying) - IICRC Qualifications


Coach 8 announced last month that they would be running the first Australian ASD course where they would have the first Australian flood house ready for Drying.  We signed up and sent a few of our team up to Mackay to be part of the first team to complete this training in Australia.

While the team know how to dry residential and commercial spaces and have their initial IICRC WRT accreditation there is always room to learn more and this higher training and qualification is needed to again solidify the learnings of our team and the business. From what they have been saying they are really enjoying the training and learning a lot.


ASD (Applied Structural Drying) USA - IICRC Qualifications


Finally we sent Ray Vassallo our General Manager overseas to work on getting his Certified Restorer qualifications and this time he is also doing the ASD course.  Passion for learning is something the entire company is focussed on and Ray will also spend time with other restorers in the USA and at a conference to expand our practical experience.


Amtec Disaster Recovery are passionate team of restoration professionals who love to help property owners get back to normal quick smart.  We do this by deploying state of the art technology, highly trained staff and a drive to get better every single day.  Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you with a fire, water or mould event.