Amtec achieves CM3 certification

Working in many and varied locations means our teams face all kinds of dangers that can put them at risk. We spend a lot of time assessing this risk, testing our protocols and revising procedures to limit any chance of onsite injury.

In any given day we may have teams who encounter confined spaces, working at heights or numerous other challenges.  In June 2018 Amtec chose to check our safety system and qualify for CM3 certification and was successfully awarded this on our first attempt in July 2018.

For many of our partners who also operate on this platform it enables them to know that they are working with a partner who has had their Occupational Health and Safety System independently audited and makes on boarding us a whole lot easier.

To find out more about Amtec Disaster Recovery and our approach to health and safety please call us on (03) 98391666 or leave an equity online by clicking here: