Taking Care of the details


Care and Attention

Specially trained team who work onsite with you to catalogue and pack all your precious contents


Assessing & Documenting

We work on an item by item basis to assess and document the damage to your items.

Full Record

We use state of the art software on site to record the condition of all your contents

Cloud Access

We provide you with a secure and private log in to help us assess your contents online.

It's all in the details

We work with you to record all the details of your contents that may be impacted by your loss.  Our state of the art cloud solutions enables you to have access to all the photo's we have taken during the pack out process.  We provide you with a secure and personal log in that gives you the ability to comment on each catalogued item of contents.

Assessing and Documenting

  • We fully document the loss site and create a photo essay.
  • Identify concerns and special instructions
  • Sign authorisation documentation

Packing and Inventory

  • We photo inventory all property to be stored, cleaned or replaced.
  • You can view your contents online anytime
  • All contents are barcoded for chain of custody and online tracking

Cleaning & Restoring

  • Once authorised we begin the cleaning and restoration of your contents to pre-loss condition using the latest in cleaning technologies

Storing Contents

  • We store everything in a secure warehouse facility prior to delivery date

Delivering Back Contents

  • After any building works and final clean we return your contents as required.

Next Steps

We will be in contact with a specific set of email instructions and links for your personal and secure log on to enable you to assist us with assessing your contents.