Value Add - Innovative Technology

Innovation and Technology

Amtec is constantly investing in new technologies that could help revolutionise the way restoration services are delivered in the Australian market.  Our contacts in other industries share their learnings and innovation and we seek to find ways we can deploy this in Australia so that it delivers a quality improvement and cost saving.   Here are two technologies that have progressed further along our innovation cycle.

Laser Removal

Amtec are currently running trials on laser technology for fast recovery materials impacted by fire and mould.

Remote monitoring

Remote control and monitoring of equipment on site can enable an office to set and control equipment without the need of a attendance.  Cutting costs.

Laser Removal

Laser removal has revolutionised other industries and Amtec are working with a few international suppliers to explore the suitability and economics of deploying this technology in the insurance restoration space.  Trials are comparing this against other existing restoration techniques.

Remote Monitored Dehumidifier

Sending technicians out to monitor equipment and perform moisture checks can be costly.  Amtec are looking at deploying a new technology from Europe and will be able to trial the product in the next few months.  After spending some time researching the specifications we will be able to bring this technology to Suncorp in the near future.  Some testing still needs to be performed before full deployment.