Value Add - Information Systems

Online Customer Triage

Gather photos from the customers phone while performing the initial call. Better resource allocation

Assessor Login

Assessor login to see where numerous claims are up to. Live notes


End to end integration for faster claims processing and more accurate reports.

Information Systems

How companies deploy information systems can make or break a business and/or customer experience.  Amtec has spent the past 7 months developing a fully integrated end to end solution for your customers.  From the very email allocation right through to the final invoice the entire system has been built for efficiency, and accuracy.  The aim being a 100% open and integrated system that can have data shared in App's, portals and at claim triage to make the process fast, smooth and professional.  This is a work in progress, but our aim is to make the Information Systems we use an enabler of lower costs and great service, not the other way around.


Online Customer Triage

Here is how it works:
  1. Customer Receives a phone call within 1 hour after your claim allocation is sent to Amtec
  2. Customer is sent a link in a text message to their smart phone - Slide 1
  3. Customer is taken to a secure webpage and asked to upload images of the damage - Slide 2 & 3
  4. Amtec receive the image in real-time and assess the damage more clearly and allocate the right resources the first time.
  5. Technicians make the right decisions before arriving at the site regarding equipments and chemicals needed to action the claim quickly.

Less wastage as the right tools, people and attendance is allocated to each job.  A picture says a thousand words.

Customer Link Sent - Slide 1

Mobile Image Upload - Slide 2

Mobile Image Upload - Slide 3

Assessor Login

Here is how it works:
  1. Assessor Receive a Link to a page with a username and password
  2. Assessor Login - Call us 9839 1666
  3. Password: Call us 9839 1666
    1. Assessor can see:
      1. Job Status - Scheduled, WIP, Re-attendance, etc
      2. Remaining Tasks to Do
      3. Estimated Completion Date
      4. Next Phase After Amtec
      5. Insurer Original Instructions
      6. Insurer Additional Instructions
      7. Works Completed - Each day
  4. Print Attachments -

Greater transparency, real-time information available

Ability to integrate with Suncorp system so notes and pictures are shared from the technician in real-time.

Online Contents Listing

Here is how it works:
  1. Amtec staff pack-out contents onsite and record details with pictures.
  2. Insured receives a link with username and password to login into the cloud based contents solution - Slide 1
  3. Insured can see list of salvageable contents listing with pictures - Slide 2
  4. Insured can see list of non- salvageable contents listing with pictures - Slide 3
  5. Insured can value the items - Slide 4
  6. Insured can request a rush items - Slide 5


  • Greater transparency to the insured
  • Real-time valuation with pictures for the insured
  • Faster valuations returned to the insurer.

Insured Login Screen

See Salvageable Items - Slide 2

See N/S Items - Slide 3

Value N/S Items - Slide 4

Rush Item Request - Slide 5