Value Add - Amtec App

Customer Education

Videos educating the customer on the process of a claim and remediation and restoration techniques.

Claim Status

A key slider showing customers the status of their claim, updated live from Amtec's cloud system.


Notifications showing status changes or alerts to complete contents listing online.

Key Contacts

List of claim contacts so customer knows who to call, or email when in need.

Amtec App

The Amtec App is currently in development and is aimed to go live in early 2018.  The aim of the app is to give the insured a great insight into how their claim is progressing and where and how things are moving along.  Videos on other content will seek to educate them about the process and people involved.  Understanding will help reduce frustration that can sometimes occur for an insured who is in a difficult situation.


Value Add

This will provide Suncorp insured customers with a greater level of customer care and transparency.  The aim is to improve the customer experience, reduce the pressure and frustration of an insurance claim and give them a great experience with Amtec and Suncorp.

Amtec App

Amtec App will be built for IOS and Android.  It will be fully integrated with the Amtec cloud system so that the insured get's live updates off their claim as it changes.

Easy to Navigate

The app will be focussed on keeping the insured updated and the data will be driven direct from the Amtec cloud platform.

  • Insured will be able to receive live updates as their claim moves through various stages. Visually see the status on a status bar
  • Watch Amtec videos designed to help them understand the process of what is involved in responding to their claim
  • Get notifications of changes to status or other updates
  • Offer a contents area showing items listed during a packet and enable them to assist with real-time valuation.

Track a Claim

Insured can track the status of their claim

  • See which contractor is working on what
  • Get a live update on where the claim is up to
    • Live updates from Amtec IT cloud system
  • Understand who is looking after which part of the claim