Most Innovative Mould Project 2017

Most Innovative Mould Removal Project 2017

Amtec have been awarded with The Most Innovative Mould Project 2017. The Award was presented at the Jena Dyco National Restoration Industry Gala Awards dinner.

The property restored was a challenging and difficult project and encompassed all aspects of restoration and several Mould remediation techniques. The aim was a fast remediation for building works and to do the work on a tight budget.


Residential property: Highton

Property Type: Large three storey mansion situated on a hillside.

Age: 8 years old.


It is a rendered brick style with slate tiled roof. The top and middle levels are posi strut timber flooring with steel reinforcements and the  ground floor is a concrete slab. The dwelling received considerable damage during a major storm event in the Geelong region in January 2016.  There was considerable water entry from the top down that saturated building materials on the upper levels before migrating to the ground floor. Amtec were appointed by request of the assessor.

MOULD Inspection

Initial make safe had already been carried out with the walls and ceiling voids all still containing insulation that had not been removed or dried.  The result was that visible mould within the posi-strut timber, flooring lines and the ceiling required extensive plasterboard removal in order to remediate the mould.

In the staircase leading up to the ground floor moisture was detected in the ceiling via thermal imaging and had possibly migrated into the wall lines.  As this area adjoins the main family room, a second round of thermal imaging on this was performed before plasterboard was removed from the ceiling. Visible Mould was found in almost all parts of the home.

MOULD Remediation

The project required different methods that had to be implemented to minimise the mould remediation timeframe.  Containment chambers were set up in more affected areas where thermal fogging of anti microbials were initially carried out.

Modification of other restoration equipment to apply antimicrobials  and extract mould.

HEPA contact vacuuming.

Sand Blasting, wire brushing, all in a controlled environment.

Due to restricted power supply, constant monitoring of internal temperatures and relative humidity were carried out and Mother Nature was used selectively to dry out areas not currently being remediated. Air movers and low wattage heaters were also added at various stages.

Expert advice was sought from EHS for the considerable mould growth and remediation methods.

Techniques and new ideas presented to them by Amtec, which involved using other restoration equipment to inject anti microbials, steam and clean while structural drying.

An ongoing site attendance was carried out between Amtec and EHS (Certified Occupational Hygienist) to confirm mould remediation successful.

With this controlled air flow, quality equipment and industry knowledge we were able to complete the structural drying of the ground floor areas with a minimal extension of the estimated mould remediation timeframes. Site meetings throughout the entire  project were carried out alongside the insured when areas were deemed safe.

Methodical air changes were set up on each level.

Post Remediation Valuation was achieved and the site handed over for safe reinstatement works.


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